About Monami Slings


Our motto is: 'Whatever you do, do it out of your heart'. Therefore we did all we could for our wraps to be the best, luxiorious and unique product. Patterns have been designed exclusively for us and each wrap is limited and exists in only a few copies. All this for you to enjoy a very unique wrap.

The weaving where the fabric is made is one of the most modern in Europe - and located in a place of old weaving traditions.

The sewing and finishing process has been done using modern machinery, by qualified workers and also with respect of work dignity. 

Our wrap is soft from the very beginning and does not require bending. It is because of combed cotton used in weaving that owns OEKO TEN STANDARD 100.

It is recommended to wash the wrap before the first use, in mild detergents, in 40 degrees. Drying in spread position best.


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